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Hello, I'm Tea. Spelled like the drink, pronounced like the Spanish word for aunt.
I use this blog for relaxation, so I mostly just post things that make me happy. These include forests, trees, the ocean, faeries, mermaids, unicorns, tarot, glitter, goth girls, skulls, and Emilie Autumn. Emphasis on Emilie Autumn. The tag for her is autumngeddon.
Sometimes I also talk about my ex, the worst thing in my life and also the best. I'll have a tag for that soon but I haven't figured out what.

Dear Laura,

I really want you to get my message okthxbai

Because I’ll be freaking out until you get it.

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Just want to remind y’all that I moved accounts… message me if you want the new one…

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the-anonymous-giver asked,

Goodbye. Maybe one day you will get off your high horse and see what I tried to do,,,Or maybe you will just forget I even existed and watch me fall apart and die. Either way, I love you but heck I have had enough...Take care.

Yeah, see I’ve had enough too, that was the point… And I know what you tried to do, you tried to manipulate me to do what you wanted, and I used to fall for it but not anymore.

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Anonymous asked,

I write with the notion that I will end up dead,But do not fret, it is simply due to my head.A frightening thing that fills me with dread,And how something so wonderful can strike thee dead.I run with the thrill of knowing I am mad,Without a thought to the days that are bad.I smile and laugh when I am really sad,All because I am a girl who is mad.

Laura, I love you. Please remember that.

And I know this is kind of rude to say but you always say you’re going to kill yourself…

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Well, my new account is all set up.

I won’t say what it is, but I will say it should be rather obvious, as I’ve either just followed you or am just about to follow you, and my theme is exactly the same.

Also my URL is a fairly obscure Emilie Autumn reference, so you get points if you recognize it.

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Anonymous asked,

I sent it to you because I was angry - am I not allowed to get worked up? Or maybe it is because these past few days, coming on to a week now have been completely shit and I am tired of being treated like said shit. So whatever - go ahead and run off, live your life. My door will always be open to you, as long as you know I am trying my best to get better.

I do know that, and I’m proud of you for that. But I have to be away from you in order to do my best to get better.

And you are allowed to get worked up. You’re not allowed to harass me anonymously. Sorry, but if anyone’s acting like a child, it’s you.

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Anonymous asked,

I do love you, but you are acting like a child. Stop running, it gets you nowhere. At least have the curtsy to say goodbye...


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In light of recent developments, I’m moving accounts today.

I’ll leave this one open to answer the occasional message, as well as to run the Caden Atherton project once I get it on its feet. I’ll also go around and follow most of the people I follow now (you’ll probably know it’s me). Sorry to just close down like this but I think it’s for the best.





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